This is a very common question we get from Brides.
It can be a difficult for some people to figure out, but I believe that it’s a very simple answer.
You can only answer this question properly by discussing some very important details about the wedding gown as well as the wedding details.
The truth is that if your florist does not ask you this question, they are doing you a great injustice.
Your wedding dress is one of the most important dresses you will probably every buy and will reflect a bit of your unique style and the style of your wedding, so it must be discussed to be able to answer something that seems so very simple…

Below are some images I love that show how the flowers truly accent the dresses perfectly.

Whether you choose to go with the classic style of white or ivory or to blend in a bit of color.  Maybe you are daring with bold colors for your wedding bouquet, we will help you create your own unique vision. Give us a call and let’s start planning today.

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